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We can offer you high quality, big impact work for a fraction of the price of established agencies


We have a vast amount of experience to enhance your brand and keep customers coming back


We work in partnership with business and people we believe in, building relevant brands from strategy to design.


Hello everyone, I am Roxana K. I am an experienced branding and Visual design expert in sunny Orange County Ca. I love working with small businesses and startups who value quality marketing, holistic branding, and beautiful design.

Being a small business owner myself, my team and I pride ourselves on being able to deliver quality designs to small businesses varying in size and budget.

For over 5 years Orange Cheek Studio has elevated the brands of hundreds of small companies looking to stand out against their competition. Contact us to get started on creating the right branding for your small business today.

My favorite thing about my business is my clients! Their energy and passion for their own business fuels mine.

I heart design, fashion, and cocktails.


I once had a lovely bird, she had a beautifully painted orange cheek and a fearlessly determined spirit. After many attempts at cutting her wings or locking her cage to keep her from flying away, she always found a way out and was determined to fly.

Nothing stopped her from achieving what she wanted no matter how many times I tried to hold her back, her desire to be powerful, free and independent always won out.

Anytime I had ever thought about giving up at my business or counting myself out because I was an immigrant or a woman, my beautiful bird was my reminder that though there were many obstacles in life, I had the ability to conquer them all.

When I arrived in America, my dream was to spend my life creating beautiful things for myself and for others, now I get to work every day with my amazing team at Orange Cheek Studio to make your business look and feel as beautiful as you are.

I am so excited to share my passion with you and create designs that keep your business looking and feeling cohesive for your customers.

I am so thankful my little orange cheek bird is free and I will let her continue to inspire myself and my team to create powerful, free and beautiful designs that will inspire you and your business.

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orange cheek

We make a meaningful difference to the world’s most loved brands.

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